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Indian online cash game
Indian real online cash game
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Still finding the real Indian cash games online? Download on TeenPatti Cash, the safe and legal platform with more than 5 million players in our community.

Download Indian real online cash game Teen Patti Cash now to get FREE cash and unlimited fun! Indian card games are fun. They are extremely popular during Indian family and friends gatherings. However, since the start of the pandemic, it is not easy to gather physically with the others without the fear of an infection. Therefore, an Indian real online cash game for download is simply the best solution!

Why are Indian real online cash game so popular in the nation?

Quick and easy

Indian real online cash game gives players a convenient way to enjoy card games. Online gambling has long been popular, especially for the quick games. People travel around every day, especially during commuting. Short and exciting games that are easy to learn appeal to many users. They can be played when you are on the bus, waiting for someone at a café, or even when you are having your private moment answering the call of nature.

Small games, big chances

Each Indian real online cash game can be really short, but the benefits that they bring can be huge. When people make bets, chances are that they can win double or even a few folds of the money. This makes Indian real online cash game so alluring to players as it is a good way to test their luck and win something extra. Through the gaming platform, players can easily withdraw cash to their own accounts.

Nice style and animation

Hot and lovely girls with nicely decorated tables are just all players’ dream. The development of the gaming apps is sophisticated with smooth and attractive images and animations.

Which Indian real online cash game shall I choose?

There are many traditional Indian card and dice games that you can find online, each with its special rules and variations.

For those who love excitement – Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a very simple but exciting game full of fun! A game doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes and you already have 50% chance of winning double of your bet. In an Andar Bahar game, the players will have to bet against the dealer. The first card that the dealer draws will be the joker. And then each player place the bet on the place that they think the next joker will appear. The places include Andar (inside) and Bahar (outside). You can make 2 bets, each with different amount and you can even bet on different sides. It is a super simple game for all the new players who want exciting games.

For the thinkers – Rummy

Indian Rummy is an ancient card game that has been in the Indian culture for many years. There will be 2-6 players on a Rummy table and each of the players gets 13 cards. The jokers are also used in the Rummy game as substitutes for any card to form combinations. The game goes on with players taking turns to pick a card from the pile and discard a card as an exchange. This game requires a bit of skills as the player has to rearrange the cards and look for sequences to win. This is ideal for thinkers and those who have meticulous eyes. The winner can get all the money in the pot!

For those who want a simple but not too easy game - Teen Patti

Every Indian knows Teen Patti, the three-card game. Also named as Flash or Flush, it is a game that is commonly played among friends and family, especially during festivals and holidays like Diwali. Players place blind bets or seen bets throughout the game. All cards are ranked so it really depends on your luck to get better cards. Combinations of cards include Trio, Sequences, Colours, Pairs and High Cards (no pair). It does not simply require luck to win a game, but more of the skills that you place your bets as they tell your opponents what you are thinking. They might also turn into hints about your confidence to the cards you hold. Same as Rummy, the winner of a Teen Patti game can receive all money from the pot and that is a great deal of Rupees!

Not a big fan of cards? Try 7updown, the dice game.

7updown is a dice game for you to test your luck! Many Indian Poker online game platforms such as Teen Patti Cash provide it as one option for players to win some real cash. Two dice will be rolled and what you have to do is simply placing a bet on the points, it can be below 7, exact 7 or above 7! The reward is huge with just little effort!

Try your luck today by downloading a Indian real online cash game. Teen Patti Cash is a 100% secure and legal platform for millions of players to try out Indian’s favourite card games. We adopt a strict fair play policy to protect players like you from fraud and errors! A community of more than 5 million players have been accumulated since the creation of the platform. More importantly, you can join the many winners of real Rupees through playing in different rooms. Get yourself a ticket to win 100 Lakh and more on Teen Patti Cash!

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