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teen patti
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Imagine a game in a fully decorated hall adorned with prestigious velvet and gold. Now listen to the sound of money pouring in. Sounds unreal? All these can be actualized in the real Teen Patti game of TeenPatti Cash. With the gloom of the pandemic, it is not easy to have fun, at least not in the old ways. Nevertheless, advanced tools are always here to help. Join the community of over a million players on TeenPatti Cash, a gaming app of a highly popular Indian household game with real rupees. Don’t know what Teen Patti is or hesitating about ways to join? Read our full guide here to walk you through everything you need to know about a real Indian Teen Patti game.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is also called “Flush” or “Flash” in various parts of India. Teen Patti is a real Hindi word with the meaning of “three cards” in English. As the name has suggested, the game evolves around 3 poker cards. All 52 cards from a poker deck is used in the game except the jokers. While the rules for Teen Patti are rather simple, it is deemed as an easy starter of Indian national pastime.

How does a real Teen Patti game work?

A real Teen Patti game includes three to seven players and one dealer. To start each game, a pot has to be decided. An ante or boot amount will be put in the middle of the table in terms of chips contributed by each player. The dealer will then distribute three cards to the players anticlockwise, with all cards facing down. The betting then begins from the player sitting immediate left to the dealer. Teen Patti allows players to bet without any limit on the rounds. A player can choose to fold, which means not continuing the game.

Remember, the objective of a Teen Patti game is to have the strongest hand. The hand is ranked under certain rules and whoever stays in the game wins and have the greatest hand wins. In other words, if all other players fold, the betting ends instantly and the player who remains automatically wins the game.

Ranking of the cards in Teen Patti

All 52 cards have their own rank, with Aces as the highest and the 2s as the lowest. Your winning chance then depends on your 3 cards. Let's take a look at how you can win with different combinations:

Three of a kind (trio)

Three of the same cards. Chances are rare, you've got to be very lucky. Three Aces are the highest and three 2s are the lowest trio. This gives you a big chance to win.

Straight flush (pure sequence)

Three consecutive cards of the same suit.

The order of ranking is defined by highest card in the sequence, which makes A-K-Q the highest. Then it is A-2-3, K-Q-J, Q-J-10, 9-10-J etc. The lowest is 4-3-2.

Straight (sequence)

Three consecutive cards but not all in the same suit. A straight is also referred as a round or sequence.

Flush (colour)

All the 3 cards are of same suit. If two players both have flushes, the player with the high card wins; if they match, then the next highest card is compared, then the third card if needed. If two players have the same card values, then the hands are ranked by suit, with spades first and clubs last.

Pair (double)

Two out of the three cards are of the same rank. Between two pairs, the one with the higher value is the winner. If the pairs are of equal value, the value of the third card decides the winner. In other words, the lowest pair is 2-2-3 and the highest is A-A-K.

No pair (high card)

If two players share a common high card, then rest of the cards are compared based upon their values.

Any hand of a higher rank beats any hand of a lower rank. If two players have the same combination then the pot is split between the two.

Now, with only 0.24% probability of getting a trio, what are the top tips to win?

Number one, stay calm.

Do not show your emotions so easily when reflecting the cards as this affects the bets and the decisions of the other players. You want to win and you want to win big.

Number two, start from the small bet.

This is especially useful when you have good cards. A big bet can give a lot of signal to the others so take it easy and wait patiently. Gradually increase your bet and push it further if you are confident with your cards.

Number three, always practice.

It is important to understand the flow and the dynamics in a Teen Patti game. So before you actually play a physical game, try it out online! Playing Teen Patti online allows you a longer preparation time and a true autonomy. This is especially useful when restrictions are enforced under the pandemic.

There are plenty of trusted online platform for real Teen Patti games. They are not just for practice, you can actually earn real money from it. Take TeenPatti Cash as an example, it allows you to earn real money from the game in which you can get linked with real people. Simply download the gaming app and get up to 100 Rupees for free!

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