Andar Bahar – Get Addicted to Indian’s Favourite Betting Challenge

andar bahar
Andar Bahar is a popular betting game in India. Play with TeenPatti Cash, which is a secured platform which provides reliable support service when you need help!

Andar Bahar, aka Katti, is a popular Indian Poker game and it is just as fun as it sounds. It is a traditional Indian betting game which originated in Bangalore many centuries ago. Together with Teen Patti (3 cards) and Rummy, Andar Bahar occupies the first few places of India’s most played card games. The game is extremely simple to play and it is certainly indulging as you have a 50/50 winning chance!

What is Andar Bahar?

This is a game that is exclusive in India. Just like the other culture, Indian has developed a vibrant scene of entertainment. Poker is widely played in different regions of India and the variations and creativity in the games are comparable to their western counterparts.

How to play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar means “inside” and “outside”. This is highly related to the way that the game is played. The game can be played by at least one player and one dealer. You can enter any Andar Bahar game room as long as it is not full. It is a short and quick game and you can leave or join the room any time after a game is finished.

On a game table, there are 2 independent zones, “Andar” and “Bahar”. This is where the game gets its name from! The dealer will be shuffling the deck of Poker, and then draw 1 card. This particular card will be put in the middle of the table, between the “Andar” and the “Bahar”. Watch out! This is a very important step as the card is deemed as the Joker. You then start making a bet. What is the bet for? It is to guess where the next Joker will be, “Andar”? Or “Bahar”? After your first bet, the dealer will draw 2 cards, putting 1 on “Andar” and 1 on “Bahar”. Then it’s time for your next bet. This time, you can bet on the same side as your first move, or bet on the other side. After all players placing their bets, the dealer will start dealing cards. 1 on “Andar” and 1 on “Bahar”, and so it goes on until the next Joker card comes up. The winner will get double of their betting amount if they bet on the correct side and lose their bet if it is at the wrong side.

This is an example of how this works.

In a room, there are 2 players, Ishaan and Amar, and 1 dealer. At the start of the game, the dealer will draw 1 card from the deck. In this case, a diamond 8 is drawn. The card will be placed in the middle of the table, facing up. So 8 is the Joker in this game. The dealer will then give the players plenty of time to make their first bet.

Ishaan bets 4 thousand on “Andar” and Amar bets 8 thousand on “Bahar”.

The dealer then draws 2cards, it is spade 4 on “Andar” and Club King on “Bahar”. Now it is time for the second bet in which Ishaan skips betting and Amar bets 4 thousand on “Andar” this time.

The dealer keeps drawing cards, and finally the heart 8 appears on the “Bahar”.

For Ishaan, he loses in the game and the dealer will take his 4 thousand Rupees bet.Amar loses 4 thousand which he bet on “Andar” but he will get 8 thousand more from his winning bet on “Bahar”.

The game then stops and a new game will be started. Other players can join the table now before the start of a new game.

Once you make your bet on Andar Bahar, it is just unstoppable. As it requires no prior knowledge or skill, it instantly becomes how people entertain themselves.

Where can I find a good Andar Bahar Platform?

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