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indian poker online game
Download and play Indian poker game online with TeenPatti Cash. Different exciting games are available including Teen Patti, Rummy, Andar Bahar and 7updown, etc.

Indian Poker online game has long been a sought-after entertainment across the nation. Throughout the years, Indian Poker online game has made its online presence with its great features, abundant game variations, and most importantly, plenty of chances to win real cash! Playing online is not just about paying, you can also get paid by winning tournaments and games. Looking for chances to earn something extra? Here is your complete guide to what is available online for entertainment and income!

Indian Poker Online Game List

Teen Patti

Every Indian knows Teen Patti. It is certainly a good way to get to know the vibrant culture and get yourself immersed in the fun and festive moments of India. Teen Patti is a great Indian Poker online game and it is actually a real Hindi word with the meaning of “three cards” in English. Also named as Flash or Flush, it is a game that is commonly played among friends and family, especially during festivals and holidays like Diwali. As its name has suggested, the game evolves around 3 poker cards.

Highlights: Teen Patti is a fast and exciting game. It is certainly a popular Indian Poker online game in which players place blind bets or seen bets throughout the game. All cards are ranked so it really depends on your luck to get better cards. Combinations of cards include Trio, Sequences, Colours, Pairs and High Cards (no pair). Your every move and bets count as they tell your opponents what is in your mind, and this is where you test your skills.


Rummy is an ancient card game that has been in the Indian culture for many years. It is also a sought-after Indian Poker online game which you can see everywhere in the cities. A rummy table, physical or virtual, is ideal for2-6 players and each of you get 13 cards. The game goes on with players taking turns to pick a card from the pile and discard a card as an exchange.

Highlights: It takes a bit more skills and technique than Teen Patti in a Rummy game. With 13 cards in hand, you will need to sort the cards and collect useful cards to form a sequence to win the game. Cards are also ranked and you goal is to form a pure sequence with another sequence. So it really helps if you have a good memory and analysing skill, as you will have to “read” the cards from your opponent and guess what they are waiting for. Of course, you need to think and act quick on the sequences that you are forming as well.

Andar Bahar

Andar? Bahar? The game means “inside” and “outside”. It is a very simple but exciting game full of fun! Once you make your bet, it is just unstoppable. It requires no skill at all, just pure luck. You have 50% of chance to win in a game!

Highlights: Simple is just the best. To play the Andar Bahar game, you have to bet against the dealer. The first card that the dealer draws will be the joker. And then you will have to place your bet on the place that the next joker appears. There are two options, Andar and Bahar. It is that easy! You can make 2 bets, each with different amount and you can even bet on different sides. Try it out in Andar Bahar if you feel lucky!

Something extra: 7updown

7updown is a dice game for you to test your luck! Many Indian Poker online game platforms provide it as one option for players to win some real cash. It is straightforward and everything is on the table. Two dice will be rolled and what you have to do is simply placing a bet on the points, it can be below 7, exact 7 or above 7! The reward is huge with just little effort!

Highlights: Just like the cards, everybody knows dice. This is a fast and simple game where everything happens in a whiz. Roll the dice and place a bet. You may earn double or even multiple times of what you bet! It does not any presets or skills but it surely gives you a chance to win a lot. Just go with your hunch!

Top tips for Indian Poker online game players

A safe platform will make your online gaming experience much more enjoyable. Always pick a trusted online game dealer to download as it is not just a game, but a real chance to early Rupees. TeenPatti Cash is a sophisticated online platform for Indian Poker online game on which you can find all the games above. The games are playable on most mobile devices including smartphones and tablets of different versions, with gaming platforms compatible with all major operating systems. That means you can play them anytime, anywhere! It is also a 100% secure and legal platform for millions of players to try out Indian’s favourite card games. A strict fair play policy is also adopted to protect players from fraud so it is a worry-free gaming platform! If you need any support, it is easy to send a request to the team and the staff will be at your service.

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