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Indian real online cash game gives players a convenient way to enjoy card games. Online gambling has long been popular, especially for the quick games. People travel around every day, especially during commuting. Short and exciting games that are easy to learn appeal to many users. They can be played when you are on the bus, waiting for someone at a café, or even when you are having your private moment answering the call of nature.

Card games have always been a vital part of Indian culture. The tradition of playing cards in India can actually date back to the 16th century. Even during these times of social distancing under the pandemic, people are looking for ways to play the games. Just like the other popular games like Teen Patti and Rummy, Andar Bahar, a simple but exciting card game that many Indians are obsessed with, is now available online!

Also known as Katti, Andar Bahar is very easy to play, but it does not make it less fun! It is a traditional Indian betting game which originated in Bangalore many centuries ago. Andar Bahar is a betting card game in which the odds are 50/50 and it can be played with just one simple deck of poker cards. In occasions such as Diwali parties that friends and families group together, Andar Bahar

Where can I find Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar, like its Indian name suggests, is a traditional game in India. Other places in the world might have similar games to try your luck, but Indian is certainly the only place to find true Andar Bahar. The game of Andar Bahar needs a dealer to start and show the cards, but in the past, some dealers of Andar Bahar were conmen who put the cards in favour of themselves. That is why we need a more trusted way to play the Andar Bahar game. One good way is a game platform without real human manipulations to minimise any untruthful interventions. Now, Andar Bahar can be played on many online platforms as a chance to win real cash!

The Online Andar Bahar Platform and its Rules

The online Andar Bahar platform on Teen Patti Cash is a trusted game table to play. Dodge the uncanny conmen and play on a secure platform right at your home or anywhere with Internet access. Teen Patti Cash is an easy-to-use platform without any tricks. Simply download the app on your phone and start the game, aka your chance to win real cash! You can also get up to 100 free rupees from setting up the app on your phone. Join any game as you like, no matter if you are travelling to work, having a lunch break, or even answering the call of nature. Turn all the little moments into cash winning chances that could bring you 10000+Rs!

Teen Patti is widely regarded as one of the most popular card games in India. The name literally translates to three cards in English, or तीन पत्ती in Hindi. But the platform offers much more than just this traditional game of India. With Teen Patti Cash platform, you can enjoy many popular and exotic card games such as Rummy, Andar Bahar, Sevenupdown and so much more!

How does Andar Bahar work?

Andar Bahar is certainly one of the favourite card games if you ask any Indian. It is quick, simple, and exciting! The name Andar Bahar means “inside” and “outside”. It is named because that is how this game is played. The game can be played by at least one player and one dealer. You can enter any Andar Bahar game room as long as it is not full. It is a short and quick game and you can leave or join the room any time after a game is finished. This makes it perfect for filling up little gaps of your time every day to relax and have some fun.

Once you join the game, you will see a dealer in the middle of your screen plus a game table. On a game table of Andar Bahar, there are 2 independent zones, “Andar” and “Bahar”, inside and outside. To start the game, the dealer will be shuffling the deck of Poker, and then draw 1 card. This is an important step because it is the card that you have to watch out! This particular card (the Joker) will then be placed in the middle of the table, between the “Andar” and the “Bahar”.

Then, the final moment arrives, you will need to place a bet. Choose 1 side from the two zones - “Andar” or “Bahar”, and add any amount you like to guess where the next Joker will be. “Andar”? Or “Bahar”? That is the question. There is no particular skill in this so simply follow your hunch.

After your first bet, the dealer will draw 2 cards, putting one on “Andar” and one on “Bahar”. Then it’s time for your next and the last bet. This time, you can bet on the same side as your first move, or bet on the other side. You can, of course, skip betting any if you think you are on the right track with your first bet. After all players place their bets, the dealer will start dealing cards. 1 on “Andar” and 1 on “Bahar”, and so it goes on until the next Joker card comes up. The game will end at this point when the next Joker is seen. The card will only fall on either side, “Andar” or “Bahar”. The winner who had the correct guess will get double of their betting amount and lose their bet if it is at the wrong side.

Where do I find a good Andar Bahar Platform?

When you search for a gaming platform on the playstore, you will find tons of apps for card games. There are many platforms online that you can choose, but they are not always safe. The advice is always pick a reliable and legal platform to load money in and make withdrawals after the games.

Teen Patti Cash provides a fantastic option for players around the world to enjoy a seamless and smooth experience. Here are a few advantages of using Teen Patti Cash:

  • 100% secured

    We know how you treasure your wealth and wish to amplify it with all means. Our platform keeps your money secured with our online security and SSL.

  • Strict fair play policy

    Our gaming platform is as safe as a well-secured casino. We reject any fraud and foul play to ensure you a fun and smooth experience.

  • Popular among worldwide players

    You are not alone in this online world. 5+ million players with the same passion as you gather around the gaming table from worldwide places. You can get connected with real players through the app!

  • Hot games and girls

    Play like a boss! Our app runs well on different devices and our card dealers are all captivating. Play like in real life with the easy-to-use buttons and clear rules.

  • Get help as you need

    Our support service is always there for you if you need anything, from game support to cash withdrawal help.

Besides the above, Teen Patti Cash gives you free cash as you register the account. You can use the cash as your first bets and try out your luck. Start a new hobby today!

Download Teen Patti Cash from its official download page or the app store on your device!

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