How to Play 7updown: Rules, Strategies, and Tips

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7updown, a bidding game on the sum of a pair of dice, has gained enormous popularity worldwide. This simple rule differentiates 7updown from other casino games with much intelligence applied, for example, Rummy and Teen Patti.

7updown, a bidding game on the sum of a pair of dice, has gained enormous popularity worldwide. This simple rule differentiates 7updown from other casino games with much intelligence applied, for example, Rummy and Teenpatti. It therefore becomes an optimal option for beginners in gaming or players who are more into dice games. With the boom of online casinos, players are now granted 24*7 access to the game and can enjoy countless hours of fun with only several clicks on the phone!


Background of 7updown

Despite being a famous casino game, the legacy of 7updown is often controversial. Simply speaking, 7updown is legal in most regions of India, excluding Orissa and Assam, where the laws of the Public Gambling Act are not restructured, and Andhra Pradesh, where online gambling is completely banned. Therefore, players should always look up the laws before entering the game.


Rules of 7updown

Being a dice-based game, 7updown involves a basic rule that requires players to make a guess on the total value of two dice. In particular, seven down (lower than seven) and seven up (greater than seven) carry a payout rate that is equal to the betting amount, while a lucky seven (equal to seven) carries a payout rate that is four times the betting amount. To begin the game, each player has to place the chips on one or two of the above options. Generally, the betting time limit is defined in the rules, demonstrating that no more bets are allowed after the specific limits. A pair of dice is then sprung by the dealer with a dice jar. In the case where the position of the dice cannot illustrate a clear result, for instance, the dice landing on top of each other or leaning against the jar, the dice have to be rolled again. If the players’ call matches the value, the players will get the winnings; on the other hand, they lose.


Game Table of 7updown

In addition to the rules, familiarizing yourself with the game table allows better control of the gaming process. Typically, the table is often blue in color. The betting options are placed in the front. Furthermore, a jar stocking a pair of dice is placed in the top right corner. As the jar is covered up, players are not able to view the value of the dice until the dealer has shaken the jar and detached the cover, which increases the excitement and fun of the game.


Strategies and Tips of 7updown

With the simple rules of 7updown in mind, plenty of players consider it a purely luck-based game without many strategies and tips. However, despite a probability-based outcome of the dice, players are allowed to make their own decision of the outcome. To maximize the expected winnings, players are suggested to place the bets on either seven down or seven up and lucky seven, meaning that players enjoy a 50% probability of winning. Another great technique to apply is the Martingale technique. Considering the randomness of the game, the goal of the Martingale technique is to break even and even create a profit by winning more than losing, specifically, increasing the wager by one unit every time when losing a bet. For example, if a player loses an initial bet of $100, he will need to place $200 for the next round. Despite generating a high success rate, no winning is guaranteed for each round. In addition, given a continuous increase in the bet, a substantial bankroll is required to support a losing streak. Accordingly, players should always decide on a betting limit with regard to one’s own ability.


As one of the most popular casino games, 7updown offers players with a more relaxing and causal gaming experience than other card games that involve complex mind games and strategies. Correspondingly, 7updown is undoubtedly your first choice if you are looking for a short entertainment and pastime. You are welcome to visit Teenpatti Cash, a comprehensive gaming site with a total of five games, including Teenpatti, Rummy, 7updown, Potblind, and Andar Bahar. You can definitely find the one you love! Download now and get up to 100 rupees! 

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